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On-Demand Startups That Raised Millions

It all started from Uber and the uber success story is still going. Many entrepreneurs have taken the idea of uber and went on to achieve success with have the same on-demand model with a few twist. These startups themselves are now multi million dollar companies in their areas.

From your pets health doctor on demand to wedding trees, flowers on demand, tutors on demand and drones on demand. There is no stop to how the on-demand model is disrupting traditional industries

Lets look at some of these startups that have achieved tremendous success.

Hotel Tonight: Uber for Last Minute Room Booking ( 80 million USD + funding)

Uber for Hotel - Ondemand room

HotelTonight is an on-Demand booking app for iPhones, iPads, windows and androids. Using this app, user can find a hotel’s reservations on the same day. This is a win-win for both the hotel and user. Hotels are looking to fill their cancelled or remaining rooms for the day and a user is just looking for a hotel for the night.

The app is offering discounts to the users on the hotel’s listed. HotelTonight app has been downloaded by more than 11 million users since its launch in 2010.

Munchery : Uber for Food (85 million USD + funding)

on demand food uber for food

Munchery is an on-demand online food ordering service that users can use to order a meal for the dinner. They also provide meal delivery service. So, you can order your dinner and can get it on your location in your chosen hours. This is amazing.

Chefs choose their continually changing menus for the dinner with source ingredients. Orders can be placed up to 6 PM the same day or few days in advance. Users can post their reviews and can rate the app too.

Handy : On-Demand Cleaning (110 million USD + Funding)

On demand home cleaning

Handy matches thousands of customers every week and offers a seamless 60- seconds booking process, secure payment, and 100% money-back guarantee. Handy is the easiest and most convenient way to book household services with just a few taps.

Postmates – Uber for Courier Services (138 million USD + funding)

On Demand Delivery

Postmates is an on-demand online delivery app which provides courier services to its users. This platform is totally changing the way goods move around cities. Enabling to deliver anything to anyone on-demand.

Postmates connect customers to local courier services, which can deliver anything sold anywhere in minutes.

Doctors On-Demand – Uber for Health Care (86.75 million + USD Funding)

Doctor On Demand

So, doctor on demand is changing the way doctors see their patients. In this app, patients can have video visits with doctors. They offer access to licensed doctors and psychologists.

Instacart – Uber for Grocery Delivery (274 million + USD Funding)

On Demand Grocery

Instacart is an on-demand online app for grocery delivery. They connect you to the local personal shoppers in your area,who can pick up and deliver your grocery within an hour.

They are changing the trend of going to the stores and buying your stuff for grocery. Now, with the help of this app you can get your grocery at your doorstep.

YourMechanic – Uber for Mechanic (28 million USD)

On Demand Mechanics

Who could have thought that there would be an on-demand app for mechanics. The app well is here and is doing pretty well. The app not only helps you call the mechanic when in urgent need but also helps you set reminders for scheduled maintenance of your car

Pro Flower – Uber for Flowers (35 million USD Funding)

OnDemand Flowers

Now you can order the freshest flowers on demand. There is no middle man and the flowers are directly from growers. This startup is on a mission to disrupt the flower industry

So, Are you looking to disrupt a vertical which no one has tried yet? or you are looking to start the on-demand startup in your own country with a twist. Contact Us today so we can help you build your on-demand startup faster and better with our on-demand platform

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