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How to Start a Laundry Business by Building on Demand Laundry App

On-Demand apps became popular and profitable a while ago and they still are, only if one knows how to make the best of the opportunity!


There is no denying that technologies are evolving rapidly and this means that new business niches are surfacing each day. Since the pace of life is not what it used to be, lifestyles are fast now, needs are growing and that is why we want to get everything that enhances our convenience. For example, taking a taxi from a road and going somewhere is convenient, but ordering an Uber and getting picked from home is more convenient. In short, on-demand apps became popular and profitable a while ago and they still are, only if one knows how to make the best of the opportunity!

One wonders why Uber became a huge success and the answer can be right marketing, good use of resources, etc. but the most obvious answer is it’s business model that paved its own path and made it a huge success. One of the industries that can use the successful business model of Uber is an on-demand laundry sector.

Why an on-demand Laundry App?

Well, the fast lifestyle means that people want more work in less time and they are seeking for simpler ways that can assist them in completing daily tasks. Imagine washing clothes at home or even using public coined washing machines, now, imagine getting your washed clothes delivered at your doorsteps by merely tapping few buttons of your smartphone – it’s as simple as that!

Well, now you know the potential of on-demand apps, but how can one start a laundry business by building an on-demand laundry app? It might seem like a complicated process, but here’s the catch for you, it is an easy process that just requires a vigilant and a creative approach. So here is how it goes:

Make a Business Model

“If there is no foundation, there is no future.” These words need to mean a lot to you since you will require a solid foundation before starting your business. It is highly imperative for you to make a business model that comprises of your objectives, values, and goals. This also means seizing the value of your given solution of convenience and making a strategy that revolves around providing the solution to the problem. Now, making a business model means that you have to follow two models that the on-demand laundry industry uses:

  1. On-Site Business Model: This business model is for people who own laundry equipment but are unable or struggling to fully scale their business. On-Site model fits quite perfectly with these people because they can easily create an app and website that’ll facilitate the customers with an option to order laundry pickup along with the delivery at their convenience. It has a margin of better profits for you since it gives them convenience and it can definitely help you in growing the business.

  2. Market Place Business Model: For startups that are short on finances, they can find this business model the most suitable. By using this model, you’ll be able to use various laundry services in your area/city and integrate them with your app. It doesn’t matter if you integrate them with your on-demand laundry app or not, you can just use their services and get your profit out of it.

You need to keep an eye on some of the factors such as workforce: employees in an on-site business model and contractors in a marketplace business model.

Build Relationships and Make Partnership with local Laundry business Owners

This has to be the most important part since you’ll be starting a business from scratch and this means that the dealing skills will come into play. You have to give good partnership deals to the local laundry business owners and build good trustable relationships with them. Depending on the partnership, you can offer services to your customers. In other words, your laundry app will act as a medium between the customer and the vendor.

Build an on-demand App Laundry App

This stage comes after you have made partnerships and figured out what services you are going to provide to the users. Building an on-demand laundry app is not as complicated as it may seem, therefore you can either develop it yourself or hire services of someone who can make an enticing mobile app (suitable for both Android, Windows and iOS devices). You have to make sure that the app has the following features:

  1. Register and the login

  2. Select the type of services and other details such as preferences, kind of clothes, material, detergents etc.

  3. Scheduling the pickup and drop off timing

  4. Full calculations of the services’ cost

  5. Paying online feature (able to accept PayPal, credit card etc.)

  6. Tracking order option along with notifications

  7. Option for viewing the history

  8. Reviewing the service

You need to provide your customers with ample information about your terms and conditions, use of services, delivery charges etc. For example, if one of your services states that the items will be delivered in less than 48 hours, but the customer places an order on Saturday, then it means that the 48-hour time period will start from the next working day (Monday) and not Saturday. Make sure that special attention is given to the policy of your business.

How to make your app standout

You obviously want your on-demand laundry app to make a place in the market, right? Proper marketing is required, even if it is on a small level and you are offering your services in a city. You have to make sure that a proper word is out. Other important aspects include offering enticing offers to your customers and reminding them about upcoming events. It means that the users will be updated about scheduled laundry pickups etc.

You can also use unique features in your app that can make your app more interesting. For example, you can offer a feature that enables the users to take pictures of clothes and pointing out the stains that need special attention. You can be creative with it and come up with other exciting offers.

You have to highlight other aspects of your business and win the approval of your customers by giving a clear message that you use eco-friendly detergents. You can also offer your consumers to select how the packaging should be, normal or biodegradable packaging (eco-friendly). You can provide an option to your customers to choose between fragranced or non-fragranced clothes.

You have to comprehend the fact that discount offers help any business stand out. You can offer exciting discount offers to your customers. For example, the discount offer of flat 50% off from the first order can help you in getting a good start. It might bring a little loss (might be possible), but one thing is for sure that your customers will grow.

In the end, make sure that your on-demand laundry app is convenient for the users. You have no idea how much convenience matters! Just try to provide additional windows to your current and potential customers with exciting offers and services. For example, some laundry service providers ask their customers to separate clothes and this is where you can come in and tell the users that you’ll do it for them. In short, provide convenience to your customers and gain their trust & approval.

Inarguably, making an on-demand app requires knowledge, skills, and experience. You just have to make sure that you hire the best developers in town and start with a huge bang. Your app needs to have a distinctive and a convenient feel. It is best to start locally and then grow your operations from one city to another. It is imperative for you to have a pre-launch promotion and give irresistible offers. Just earn the trust of the users and make your contractors happy as well.

All in all, it is fair to say that you can make the best of an on-demand laundry app by being creative and simply sticking to the basics. You can get various ideas from renowned on-demand apps such as Uber, Heal, Postmates, Lyft etc. You just have to be more innovative and also try to apply some of the already functional ideas – just make sure that there is the perfect mixture of original/creative and old ideas.

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