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On Demand Movers
(Uber for Movers and Haulers)

Our End to End Movers Platform enables you to start your moving business seamlessly. Platform support both commercial and freelance movers.

Book Commercial or Freelance Movers
  • Allows users to book top rated free lance or professional commercial movers in their area.

  • Book a Mover now or schedule your appointment.

  • Group chat between Movers and users.

What it includes
Movers App
  • Profile Information

  • License Verification

  • Chat/Message Customers

  • Set Hourly Rates

  • Job Timer

  • In-App Chat

Admin/Manager Dashboard
  • Mover Approval & Management

  • Admin Backend Analytics

  • Earning Reports and Automated Payouts

  • Promo Codes & Discounts

Customer / User App
  • Movers Marketplace

  • Post/Schedule Jobs

  • Moving Location and Instructions

  • Request Multiple Movers

  • Rating/Reviews

  • In-App Group Chat

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