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How On-Demand Beauty Apps are Rising

Updated: Feb 21

Technology might just be one of the most useful tools we possess as human beings, second only to our minds. With it, a lot of major advances and creations have come to life making our lives that much easier in the process. On-demand services are just one of the many things that are made possible thanks to the advancement of technology; in fact, you could say that on-demand services are our world. These services influence and shape the way we consume, travel and entertain ourselves because they provide all of the services we want and need exactly at the moment we want and need them.

Our world is a fast-paced one and everything’s about practicality, immediateness, and comfort. The market for on-demand services is continuously improving and providing more and more services, each better and faster than the last. Every routine action in our lives has taken a modern feel to it; in many ways, we’re living in the future.

Our grandparents probably didn’t even dream about being able to order their groceries online, or managing their health appointments through a mobile app. But from ordering food, to arranging car wash or a laundry pick-up, every service and product you can think of can be ordered online and received faster than you can say “on-demand services are great!” And if there’s a service or product you can’t access just yet through an app, just wait for it; it will happen.

Let’s discuss personal grooming, for example. Beauty and self-transformation have always been object of our attention since the beginning of time, for both men and women. The beauty industry has only grown, and not even the most carefree person can say they’ve never set foot inside a beauty salon or parlor. If they do, they’re lying. This interest in beauty and looking good has been picked up and boosted by every generation, so the young generation of today is no exception.

If anything, the generation of today is only more interested in looking good and feeling good. Thanks to the tools at their disposal, they’ve made sure that their desires of beauty are properly covered. In accordance to the on-demand trend, beauty services have evolved into much more immediate, comfortable and practical services available at just the touch of a button.

The Introduction of On-Demand Beauty Services

You could say that on-demand services have come to existence because people are always trying to make mundane activities as quick and as practical as possible because we lead more and more complex lives in time. Lifestyles get busier and more productive as time goes by because now that people have the choice to do what they love, they’re a lot more productive and more committed to their work. It’s not just about working for the sake of money, it’s about work we love and enjoy. Fulfillment, achievement and productivity are highly valued, so the most basic tasks take time away from people to do other more enriching things.

That’s why planning things such as a trip to the beauty salon or any other appointments can sometimes be very difficult to put together and fit into a schedule. That’s when on-demand beauty services make their entrance and save the day! You don’t absolutely have to step out of your scheduled day to get pampered, now you can just take your phone, make a few taps, and in no time you’ll have a beauty professional providing experienced beauty salon services at your home, your office or any other place you might find yourself in.

These wonderful and innovative beauty start-ups offer more than just the well-known beauty services such as manicures, pedicures, massages, facial treatments, haircuts, professional makeup, etc. Since beauty encompasses our whole body, it’s not just about pampering ourselves and changing our hair color or style, it’s also about being fit. That’s why you can also find one-to-one fitness sessions in a wide variety of practices such as HIIT workouts, pilates, yoga, and personal training of any kind you might enjoy the most.

It’s safe to say that the industry of beauty on-demand is not going anywhere. If anything, it’s only moving forwards. It’s not likely that we human beings will suddenly lose interest of ourselves and our personal grooming and appearance, so on-demand beauty services will only rise as they become more and more accessible to everyone.

Leading Markets

One could say that the leading markets when it comes to on-demand beauty services are located in the United States of America and the United Kingdom. These countries count on a wide variety of companies and individuals that are offering their unique services to their communities. In the US there are a lot of popular companies that are leading the market and stand out among the rest, let’s take a look at them:

  1. Glamsquad: This is one of the top choices at the moment. They offer services that involve hair, makeup, manicure, pedicure, and nail art.

  2. BeautyLynk: This company is known for revolutionizing the on-demand beauty services industry for multicultural women. They specialize in naturally coily hair and they offer various services including blow-drying, braiding, locs, haircuts and extensions.

  3. Bella on Demand: This is a stylist service that offers the best hair, makeup, and nail services for when you want get glammed up for an important occasion. They’re known for their VIP experience.

  4. Veluxe: They offer a wide array of services, from makeup to massages and they send their certified professionals to wherever you find yourself.

  5. Zeel: They’re a massage service that gets a massage therapist right to your door whenever you need one.

  6. StyleBee: They’re a specialized makeup service that will show up at your door to make your life a little easier and your face stand out.

  7. Soothe: They offer massages in the comfort of your home or office. You’re free to make your appointment whenever you need and they’ll send a therapist ready with a massage table, sheets, lotions, oils and music.

The UK doesn’t lag far behind the US when it comes to offering on-demand beauty services of high-quality and variety. Some of the leading companies on the other side of the pond are:

  1. Priv: This company helps you find an expert stylist in your vicinity whenever you need one. They will show up at your door, whether at home or the office and they offer services such as gel manicure, shaving and even spray tan.

  2. Milk: This is a mobile beauty service that offers all kinds of beauty treatments such as manicure, pedicure, waxing, and massages in the comfort of your home.

  3. Urban Massage: This beauty service will get massage therapists to your door whenever you need to relax. They specialize in Swedish techniques for tension relief, circulation improvement and getting rid of toxins.

  4. Prettly: This beauty service offers mobile beauticians that are ready to get you as relaxed and beautiful as you want.

  5. Perfect 10: This company offers a wide array of services such as brow threading and tinting, spray tan, facials, blow-dry and much more. They send their expert beauticians wherever you may need them.

  6. Treatwell: This company makes it easier for users to get beauty treatments from a wide list of salons. They’re basically a catalog for you to go through and find what you need and make your appointments.

  7. Return to Glory: This is one of the leading at-home beauty services providers in the UK. They offer services like hair, nails, make up and personal training.

That being said, you can imagine that the US and the UK are not the only countries in the world that are making on-demand beauty apps grow. India is right there in the game with Vyomo, a home-based beauty and wellness platform. Australia has also joined the party with their own on-demand beauty service known as Glamazon which allows people to find freelance stylists with whom they can book their appointments whenever they need. Soon, this on-demand beauty trend will reach many other places in the world!

The Bright Future of On-Demand Beauty Apps

The truth is that when it comes to any kind of on-demand service, the only way to go is forwards. Uber and Airbnb are shining examples of what happens when you take an attractive commodity or service and you make it instantly accessible for everyone. These are just a couple of the startups that have managed to become multibillion dollar companies thanks to the fact that they’ve provided a great option to solve a problem or get something done, like booking a cab ride, a temporal home; the same can happen with beauty services. And it’s already happening! On-demand beauty services are not the exception. We can easily envision a bright and healthy future for this new-found market.

As long as entrepreneurs keep coming up with amazing ideas to exploit the potential of an industry and its consumers, we will never rest from enjoying new and improved ways to access all of the services we need and desire. None of this means that it’s the end of the traditional models, it just means that a specific section of the population is getting exactly what they need and those who don’t precisely need these services just benefit from having another option available out there.

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