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7 Reasons for using On-Demand Platform

Entrepreneurs are creating on-demand apps in new areas and creating huge companies. Even local country level startups that are simply copying on-demand startup models from other countries are doing great.

When building an on-demand startup, there are a few options when getting started like developing from scratch, using clone scripts and using our "OnDemand App Platform".

OnDemand Platform is the basic framework for each different type of OnDemand App which we use as a basic structure to build your unique on-demand app. Most of the on-demand apps have a similar underline user experience and structure.

In this post, we will look at 7 reasons on why building on an established platform is the best option for building an on-demand business.

Reason # 1 Go To Market Time

One of the biggest reason to develop on a solid on-demand platform the go to market time. When building from scratch, you can expect development times of around 3 to 4 months easily.

Cheap clones claim to do the same but there is no onDemand app that requires no customization. As the clones code quality is very poor, the time to customize it significantly increases and the number of bugs and stability of the system starts to increase with every change. Most startup using clones have to redevelop the software as soon as there is a slight increase in number of users as the software starts experiencing significant issues. Serious entrepreneurs always stay away from using this method to build businesses.

Our OnDemand platform allows you to have a go to market time of 1 to 2 months. This saves 50%- 75% of the go to market time so entrepreneurs can test their idea much faster and put the effort in customizing according to user feedback.

Reason #2 Solid Stable Platform

Our base platform components have been tested with multiple startups and are in multiple live environments. This has made the platform very strong and solid over time. The issues or bugs that are reported in one platform are cross-checked in all live apps and fixes are done right away.

Reason #3 Experience

We have helped made 30+ onDemand Startups in United States, Canada, UK, Estonia, Malaysia and Middle East. We have not just built startups but have supported on-demand startups with more than 100k transactions per day. Our platform has been tested with real users and is designed with real on-demand users feedback.

We have created the technology that helps us build custom experiences while ensuring that we are not re-inventing the wheel

Reason #4 Our Technology Stack

We have used the latest node.js and angular.js technology for building our on-demand platform. This technology is best suited for on-demand platforms as a single server can handle twice the load of the Php based solutions. This makes the costs cheaper when you are handling huge load of users and transactions

Reason # 5 Customizations

Once we deliver you the complete source code, you get the right to use our solid source code for any customizations that you desire.  You also get a royalty-free, non-transferable license to use our source code. We only keep the right to use our pre-built IP for other implementations

Reason #6 Performance

Our solution is built on node.js backend with AWS cloud’s scalable architecture design. It allows us to handle transaction load when the users increase. Most developers are not knowledgeable on scalable architectures and all the clones available in the market have significant quality and performance issues even with a small number of users.

Reason # 7 Save Money

Building from scratch with a good team that has on-demand experience will cost you anywhere from 30k USD to 50k USD depending on where they are located. When developing on clones, you will likely incur a lot of costs on customizations and you will definitely re-develop once you get some serious users as the performance and quality issues will frustrate you as well as your users.

With our on-demand platform, we can potentially help you save 50% to 80% of your development costs which can instead be spent on marketing and improving the idea.

Furthermore, our experience of on-demand business helps you save money by not spending on things that don’t work in your particular on-demand model.

Contact us now for advice on your on-demand startup idea.

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