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Landing Page: A Key Lead Generating Strategy for Your On-Demand Startup

Updated: May 9, 2023

With the market being saturated and business and services of every kind, available at the disposal of the consumers, establishing a startup becomes quite an uphill task until you don’t deliberate on devising and implementing an effective marketing strategy going hands-in-hands with the growth of your startup. One can easily come up with a highly innovative idea on the basis of which ingenious and unprecedented features can be added to the startup but it would go all in vain lest it is not extended to the acknowledgment of the users, consumers, and target audience in the market. For this purpose, startups must have a marketing and PR strategy to be implemented to lead the target audience and consumers to avail of the services that an on-demand startup is set to embark on providing.

Although there are many marketing strategies prevailing at the heart of the market according to each service and business, the most dominant and effective of these strategies is search engine marketing (SEM). SEM is the marketing strategy that has let no business and service go out of its ambit in the digital age. A landing page is one of the prime underlying components of search engine marketing that is the ultimate recipient of all the leads that the startup is inclined to generate. All the constituent sub-strategies under the radar of search engine marketing have one end and that is the generation of organic traffic or instigating a potential lead or consumer to come to the landing page of his/her on-demand startup.

In this article, we will broadly discuss what a landing page is, types of landing pages, benefits of a landing page for your startup, and integral things that must be included in the landing page of your on-demand startup.

Landing Page

A landing page is a separate web page designed solely for a marketing or advertising campaign in digital marketing. It's the place where a visitor lands after clicking on a link in an email or ads from Google, Bing, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or other websites that act as doorways to the landing page. Unlike web pages, which often have multiple aims and promote research, landing pages are created with a single goal in mind i.e. generation of leads who can consider availing the services of your startup. Landing pages are the ideal option for raising the conversion rates of your marketing initiatives and minimizing the cost of gaining a lead or sale.

Types of Landing Pages

Although different businesses and startups can create different landing pages according to the scope and sphere of their business, products, and services, there are mainly two broader types of landing pages, i.e. lead generation landing pages and clickthrough landing pages.

1. Lead Generating Landing Pages

These kinds of landing pages, often known as "lead generation" or "lead capture," use a form as their call to action. This form nearly often captures lead data, such as visitors' names and email addresses. This form of a landing page is used by B2B marketers and organizations offering high-ticket items to generate a list of prospective buyers. In exchange for contact information, they may provide anything for free, such as an eBook or a webinar. These pages can also be used by e-commerce firms to expand their mailing lists, give free delivery, or special promotions.

2. Clickthrough Landing Pages

Clickthrough pages are frequently used by e-commerce and SaaS (software-as-a-service) marketers to drive sales or subscriptions. As a call to action, they usually contain a simple button that sends the visitor to the checkout floor to complete a transaction.

Benefits of a Landing Page for your On-Demand Startup

An effective landing page will target a specific audience or potential consumers that your startup wants to reach out to, such as traffic from an email campaign marketing a specific eBook or people who click on a pay-per-click ad promoting your demos. You may create landing pages that allow visitors to download your content offers or redeem other marketing offers for your products and services, such as free trials, demos, or coupons. Using landing pages, you can target your audience, provide them with a value proposition, and convert a larger number of your visitors into leads, all while collecting information about who they are and what they converted on.

1. Generate Leads with Ease

Landing pages on your startup website can dramatically boost your lead-generating efforts. Too many startups direct their email, social media, and search traffic to their homepages, as we discussed before. This is the equivalent of squandering lead. Simply by sending them to a customized landing page, you may collect these leads at a far greater rate.

2. Provide a Home to Your Offers

The landing page provides a startup with space where it can promote and enhance its offers to entice its customers, potential leads, and target audience to avail it.

3. Gather Information About Your Prospects

It makes your startup’s CRM team collect important information about your leads every time a lead fills out a conversion form on a landing page. Your marketing team may then utilize this data to figure out which visitors or marketing personas are converting, and your sales team will have a baseline of knowledge about a prospect before they contact them.

4. Give Other Marketing Channels a Boost

An effective inbound marketing approach requires a lot of content. Landing pages are an excellent addition to any marketer's content arsenal since they can be shared on social media, utilized as the centerpiece of specialized email campaigns and lead development programs, linked to in PPC advertising, and found in organic search.

Top 5 Things to be included in the landing Page of Your Startup

There is no specific formula for implementing design and text that will produce the perfect landing page because every industry, business, and audience is different. However, certain aspects have been shown to be the most effective in drawing attention, educating audiences, and beginning conversions. You can increase the efficacy and power of your landing pages by using these features. In-depth and extended research on what to provide and how to make it appealing is at the core of each landing page. Depending on your sector, target audience, and product, your strategy may change. However, there are certain general guidelines for making your landing page a true lead magnet.

1. Captivating Graphics as a Visual Hook

With so much material available, it's essential for the landing page of your startup to have an appealing and captivating visual hook. This element is critical since it is the first chance to prevent a visitor from leaving your website, whether it be an interactive visual experience, a background autoplay video, or a captivating image that draws the user in.

2. A Clear and Vivid Message

It must have some associated clear and vivid messaging to convey what your startup is about, what it provides, and how it will be beneficial to consumers in the market. Answering the who, what, how, and why questions are important for a company to guarantee that new visitors understand your business and product or service. Not only will this help you retain individuals who are truly interested, but it will also help you keep others who aren't.

3. Succinct, Simple, and Sweet Marketing Copy

The success of your startup's landing page hinges on keeping your message brief, sweet, and readable. Because your startup landing page isn't like any other, figuring out how to highlight your selling points with as little text as possible is critical. Why? Because your visitors have no idea who you are, they will most likely leave if you bombard them with jargon.

4. Captivating and Enticing Offers/ Promotions

Giving things away for free or at a discount is one method to truly get people interested in your startup. It's no secret that everyone appreciates a good bargain. Startups may utilize this strategy to boost conversions on their landing pages since it will be difficult for consumers to say no when they are getting such a fantastic bargain.

5. UX- Well Made User Experience

A well-thought-out user experience. It's not exact counsel. What it means is that you should make sure that each subsequent step is well stated and in a welcoming tone.

We make captivating landing pages having all the integral marketing components hands in hands with making on-demand apps for your startups. Connect with one of our consultants to learn more about our featured OnDemand Startup solutions and services.

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