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We power Grocery, Delivery, Food, Handyman, Plumbers, Beauticians, Care, Fitness and Taxi OnDemand apps


We specialize in wide  range of On Demand and shared economy apps that are in sync with your business model. We can help you to test your business model in couple of weeks.

Our Advantages

Our Applications are tested in real time scenarios and support increase in no. of transactions without any enhancements,we take care of this aspect right at the start when we started development of our apps.


With our built in On Demand application, we can help you to save your time and you can launch you application 60% less then time required to built it from scratch.


Our On Demand applications are tested and ready to business, with few minor customization you can get application at almost 50-60% in cost in compare to developing an app from scratch

Our On Demand Solutions

Last Mile Delivery Solution

Courier & Logistics,Rider Management, Delivery Tracking, Ordering App, Monitor Deliveries, Dispatch Manually.

HandyMan Services booking Solution

Bidding/ Hourly on Jobs, Task Tracking, Plumbers, Field Workers, Care staff

Appointment Booking Marketplace

Best for all Businesses that require Appointment Calendars

E-Commerce with Delivery

Ordering, Delivery Management, Inventory, Vendors,Tracking,Order tracking

Ride Sharing, Uber, Taxi Platform

OnDemand Ride Hailing for Taxis, Trucks, Limos

OnDemand Food

Geo Location based Food Ordering, Discount Vouchers, Delivery and 

Dispatching Management

OnDemand Service Providers

Stylers, Makeup,Message, Booking Management , Reminders, Scheduling, Availability 

OnDemand Fitness

Fitness Trainer , Sessions , Plan, Reminders , Sports Coaches, Gym Sessions  

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With over 12 years of experience in providing scalable and cost-effective solutions. We build client relationships on trust. We openly share all of our work methods and the rules we rely on.

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